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Petition: properly fund the NHS & scrap the “Sustainability & Transformation Plan”

As you may know, our local NHS services in North East London are at risk of massive reorganisation and funding and service cuts through the Transforming Services Together (TST) proposals, which are in turn part of an umbrella Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for the whole of North East London.

Our local STP and TST are just 1 instance of the 44 STP health areas (footprints) across England.

This national programme is being conducted largely in secrecy with no meaningful consultation with the public or NHS staff; it could result in £22 billion of cuts, reconfigurations, fragmentation and privatisation of NHS care .

Please sign the petition below and share as widely as you can with family, friends and neighbours. We need a massive national response to scrap these plans.

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Waltham Forest Save Our NHS
The UK spends less on health as a share of its GDP than most other G7 countries. Our NHS is under pressure as never before and is in danger of failure. The NHS is effectively only getting an increase of 0.95% per year. The STP programme will close A&E’s and essential services across the country.

Whipps Cross Hospital at risk

The government is making health organisations across England implement 5 year plans to cut debts and budgets and to shift care from hospitals to the community.  The plan for Waltham Forest includes cutting emergency surgery at Whipps Cross at night and instead taking patients to the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel. This will directly threaten A&E and Maternity at Whipps Cross Hospital.

Down-load the attached leaflet for more information and write to your MP Stella Creasy (Walthamstow), Iain Duncan Smith (Chingford and Woodford Green) or John Cryer (Leyton and Wansted), to ask what they are doing to ensure we don’t loose our A&E and Maternity Services at Whipps Cross Hospital. You can use this sample Letter to MPs 2016

For more information see our summary of Transforming services or the more in-depth Joint campaigns response, Final 28th May 2016

Save Whipps Cross

NHS being hit from all sides

● The imposition of contracts on junior doctors that are not fair on doctors and not safe for patients.

● The threat to stop bursaries paid to student nurses and other health care students that will leave them £50,000 in debt

● Barts Health has the biggest deficit in the history of the NHS and a huge Private Finance Initiative debt bleeding our local health service dry.

It is crucial we fully support the junior doctors and fight off all attacks and demand a properly funded, publically provided NHS.

What you can do.

Visit the junior doctors picket lines at Whipps Cross from 8am on

● Wednesday and Thursday 6-7 April

● Tuesday and Wednesday 26-27 April

Send messages of support and speaker requests to

Join the Facebook group Whipps Cross Solidarity for information, petitions and further activities.

Print off and distribute this Leaflet produced jointly by Whipps Cross BMA and Waltham Forest Save Our NHS

Support the NHS Bill

Bring Back our NHS in England- Support the National Health Service Bill​

On Friday 11 March, the National Health Service Bill 2015-16 will have its second reading in Parliament, tabled by Green MP, Caroline Lucas. It currently has the support of 76 MPs including Lucas, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

Brief summary of the NHS Bill

In short, the Bill proposes to fully restore the NHS as an accountable public service by reversing 25 years of marketization in the NHS, by abolishing the purchaser-provider split, ending contracting and re-establishing public bodies and public services accountable to local communities.

This is necessary to stop the dismantling of the NHS under the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It is driven by the needs of local communities. Scotland and Wales have already reversed marketization and restored their NHS without massive upheaval. England can too.

Take Action

Sign the online Petition :

If you have a Labour MP, please ask them to state their support for the Bill. While Jeremy Corbyn sponsored the Bill, this was prior to his election as party leader. Therefore there is a possibility, but by no means a certainty, that the Labour Party could start to back the principles of the Bill

Join the Day Of Action : Rally outside Parliament 11 am to 1.30 pm

Support our junior doctors and student nurses

Waterloo PlaceSW1
Following the fantastic demonstration of NHS students on 09 January against the threat to remove NHS student bursaries, student nurses are planning a week of action including a walkout between 10 and 11am on 10 February to coincide with the possible doctors’ strike

Public Meeting with Junior Doctors and NHS Students

Solidarity with The Junior Doctors and NHS Students.
Save Our NHS
Public Meeting – Saturday 23 January, 2-4pm
Speakers* :
Dr Amira Shamsiddinova, BMA rep Whipps Cross
Jenny Leow, Student Nurse, Campaign to Save Student Bursaries.
Esme Choonara, GMB union, London Ambulance Service
Charlotte Monro, staffside unions Whipps Cross
* All in a personel capacity

Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Road, Walthamstow E17 7BY (off Walthamstow Market)

Despite re-entering talks in good faith, the government have failed to provide junior doctors with reassurances on key areas around contractual safeguards and anti-social hours. Junior Doctors have therefore been forced to call further strike action to stop a new contract being imposed which would be bad for doctors, patients and the NHS.
The contract changes to unsocial hours payments will result in Doctors facing pay cuts.
But this dispute is about more than pay
The removal of safeguards on hours risks exposing patients to doctors working dangerously long hours. Unsafe working practices risk patients’ lives.
If they get away with this the Tories will impose new contracts on all NHS staff.
The government has widened the assault on the NHS, threatening to cut bursaries for student nurses and other health care students. From 2017 courses will be fee paying meaning over £50,000 debts for a three year degree: students will be paying to work ! These attacks on pay and conditions pave the way for more privatisation. We need to support the junior doctors and health care studentss to defend our NHS

Come to the meeting and share this message widely.  Please use the attached poster on your noticeboard at work or in your local shop or Cafe.  j.doctors_flyer (3)


Whipps Cross Junior Doctors Strike

Junior Doctors at Whipps Cross went on strike for 24 hours on Tuesday January 12.
They maintained a lively picket throughout the day, supported by other health workers, local unions and members of the public.


They were surprised by the level of public support, with constant beeping from passing traffic and a stream of donations of food and drinks. We were there with our banner and are committed to support them for as long as it takes.

Holding Barts Health to Account

13 health campaigners attended Barts NHS Trust Board meeting on 4th November, held in the Council Chambers in Walthamstow Town Hall. A petition was handed to the Board, signed by 1543 local people, calling on the Board and NHS England to make immediate, publicly transparent plans, to end Barts Health PFI contracts.

Dr Coral Jones, a retired GP from Hackney, presented the petition. Dr Jones said that even if the Board did not agree that PFIs are morally wrong, they evidently agree with campaigners that repaying the charges are unsustainable. Dr Jones pointed out that the Board’s risk register states : “PFI inflationary cost pressures introduce an increasing level of challenge to delivering long term financial sustainability” Dr Jones said that in 10 years time, the charge for the Royal London/Barts PFI will increase from £131m to £165m per annum, and that the Board owes it to residents and staff to sort the PFI out now, especially as Barts deficit is rising year on year. The Chair of the Board, John Bacon, said the trust is contractually committed to the PFI but are working on how payments could be managed. ” This is clearly inadequate and we will continue to campaign to cancel this unsustainable debt.