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Crippling PFI deals leave Britain £22 bn in debt

This article from Sunday’s Independent shows the damage that Private Finance Initiatives have wrought on our public services.

Crippling PFI deals leave Britain £222bn in debt

“Unlike government funding, PFI’s cannot be adjusted to match the economy’s fortunes. They are governed by contracts that often run to thousands of pages. In contrast to the radical cuts to public spending, less than 1 per cent has been trimmed from the total cost of PFI deals since 2012.”

Doesn’t that sound like a fruitful place to find further savings rather than cutting essential services?

Whipps Cross in Special Measures


Today the CQC report on Whipps Cross was published outlining its performance as inadequate and putting the Trust into Special Measures.

Waltham Forest Healthwatch have made their comments here.

The question of PFI must come in here. Surely the largest PFI must have had some effect on the performance of the Trust. For more on this click here.

There will a lobby of Waltham Forest Council on Wednesday 18 March. 7pm The Town Hall Forest Road.