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Questions for Barts Health Board – November 5 2014

As members of our campaign attend many meetings, ask many questions and get many answers we thought that the answers should be publicly available. Here are the questions and answers from 5 November.

1. There are reports in the media about Carillion that are of concern: in September 2014 at their Board Meeting, Great Western Hospital recorded a lack of confidence in Carillion following a Food Standards Agency inspection that found food badly stored, out of date, and uncovered in freezers. Carillion has been in dispute with staff at the hospital over working practices since 2011. It’s also reported that there are long-standing staff complaints about bullying and racism. More than fifty staff are allegedly taking Carillion to Employment Tribunal, and it is reported that there was an investigation at a Carillion Surgicare Centre in 2013 following 3 deaths. Can the Board inform us which of the Trust’s services are run by Carillion? How many Trust staff monitor those services and how do they do this? What steps has the Board put in place to satisfy itself that Carillion is not putting patients at risk or mistreating its staff?

The Director of Strategy explained that Carillion currently provided the following services at The Royal London and Barts sites: catering, security, reception, cleaning, portering, pest control and helpdesk. They would be providing the same portfolio of services from 1 December 2014 at Whipps Cross and from 1 January 2015 at Mile End. In addition, Carillion would be providing security and reception services at Newham from 1 December 2014. The Trust had a team of six staff monitoring Soft FM services through a range of formal and informal mechanisms including ward and department visits, performance information and face-to-face liaison meetings. The Trust was not aware of any concerns to suggest that there was a problem of staff being mistreated but the opportunity would be taken to discuss the issues raised with Carillion.

2. It has been recently reported that Barts has spent nearly £1m in 10 months on its turnaround consultant. Given the number of staff who have been down-banded, how would Barts justify such costs to staff who work hard on the frontline and have seen their own pay cut? What specific outcomes were required of the consultant to justify the expenditure?

The Chief Executive explained that the Trust was tracking delivery of a £70 million cost improvement programme in the current year in addition to flow through of £19 million from 2013/14, delivering an overall improvement in financial performance of £89 million. This represented a very significant year- on-year improvement which provided the context for the turnaround expenditure described.

3. The Barts Health annual accounts for 2013/14 show a £20.5m spend on consultants. What were these costs for? Which organisations have provided consultants? What specific outcomes were required to justify the expenditure?

The Chief Financial Officer explained that consultancy costs in the annual accounts included a range of expenditure on management consultancy, project management, legal and procurement advice, business case support, etc. The Trust had engaged with over 300 firms in the previous year, the largest being PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as part of the turnaround programme. Monthly expenditure information was available on the Trust website.

Public Meeting: Whipps Cross Hospital – in Safe Hands?

Public Meeting:
Tuesday, 13th May 2014, 7.30 pm

  • Are you worried that Hospital staff are rushed off their feet?
  • Are you concerned that staff morale is low?
  • Are you worried that private companies will end up running our health service for their own profit?
  • Are you concerned that private patients can queue jump to get treatment quickly?
  • Are you worried we might lose services essential to our local hospital?

Its our NHS, our Local Hospital, lets act to protect it.

Tuesday 13th May – 7.30pm.

Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road, Walthamstow E17 4QU.

Speakers include : >

  • Dr Louise Irvine GP,
  • Dr Chidi Ejimofo Consultant A and E (Lewisham Hospital Campaign ),
  • Cllr Richard Sweden (Health Scrutiny) and
  • Frontline staff from Whipps Cross.

Waltham Forest Save our NHS.

Public Meeting: Whipps Cross Hospital – in Safe Hands?

Tuesday 13th May – 7.30pm

Our health service is going through massive change. What might this mean for you and your local hospital? Come and find out.

Public Meeting: Whipps Cross Hospital – in Safe Hands?

Hosted by Waltham Forest Save Our NHS

Quaker Meeting House
1a Jewel Road, Walthamstow E17 4QU.

Speakers include: 

  • Dr Louise Irvine GP,
  • Dr Chidi Ejimofo, Consultant A and E (Lewisham Hospital Campaign)
  • Richard Sweden, Local Authority Scrutiny Committee
  • Front-line staff from Whipps Cross.

Waltham Forest Save our NHS.

Healthwatch Waltham Forest Engagement Day 31st March

Healthwatch Waltham Forest is running an Engagement Day on 31st March 2014

Throughout the day there will be stalls and speakers in the Pop up Shop, 137 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4RT (top of the market, opposite the building site)

10.00am – 5.30pm 31st March – Information Stall

Waltham Forest Save Our NHS will have an all-day stall (10.00 – 17.30) with information about current campaign issues and the group’s actions.  

Discuss the PFI with us. Tell us what you think about the NHS England Clinical Strategy Review for specialist Cancer and Cardiovascular services and their consultation process, or lack of it!

We even have campaign badges!

Barts Health Trust will be there, and Waltham Forest CCG, so a chance to meet them too.

6.30pm – 7.45pm 31st March – Public Meeting

Waltham Forest Save Our NHS will be holding a public meeting in the shop to introduce the group and to explain the importance we place on having a say in the future direction of the NHS.

There will be short presentations on topics including PFI debts and the local impact; the future of Whipps Cross Hospital; working with Waltham Forest CCG and Barts Health; working with Healthwatch; the NHS England Clinical Strategy Review; and local authority Health Scrutiny Committees.  This will be followed by a chaired question and answer session.

A chance to meet WF SONHS, learn about our campaign, hear our views, and give your own.