Petition: properly fund the NHS & scrap the “Sustainability & Transformation Plan”

As you may know, our local NHS services in North East London are at risk of massive reorganisation and funding and service cuts through the Transforming Services Together (TST) proposals, which are in turn part of an umbrella Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for the whole of North East London.

Our local STP and TST are just 1 instance of the 44 STP health areas (footprints) across England.

This national programme is being conducted largely in secrecy with no meaningful consultation with the public or NHS staff; it could result in £22 billion of cuts, reconfigurations, fragmentation and privatisation of NHS care .

Please sign the petition below and share as widely as you can with family, friends and neighbours. We need a massive national response to scrap these plans.

with thanks

Waltham Forest Save Our NHS
The UK spends less on health as a share of its GDP than most other G7 countries. Our NHS is under pressure as never before and is in danger of failure. The NHS is effectively only getting an increase of 0.95% per year. The STP programme will close A&E’s and essential services across the country.

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