NHS being hit from all sides

● The imposition of contracts on junior doctors that are not fair on doctors and not safe for patients.

● The threat to stop bursaries paid to student nurses and other health care students that will leave them £50,000 in debt

● Barts Health has the biggest deficit in the history of the NHS and a huge Private Finance Initiative debt bleeding our local health service dry.

It is crucial we fully support the junior doctors and fight off all attacks and demand a properly funded, publically provided NHS.

What you can do.

Visit the junior doctors picket lines at Whipps Cross from 8am on

● Wednesday and Thursday 6-7 April

● Tuesday and Wednesday 26-27 April

Send messages of support and speaker requests to whippscross.ia@gmail.com

Join the Facebook group Whipps Cross Solidarity for information, petitions and further activities.

Print off and distribute this Leaflet produced jointly by Whipps Cross BMA and Waltham Forest Save Our NHS

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