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Reinstate Charlotte Monro!

Reinstate Charlotte Monro!

First Published on 5 December 2013

This is Charlotte’s speech to the rally held outside the London hospital on December 4th 2013.

Here we see Charlotte elaborate on the background events leading up to her sacking, putting this in context of the current all-round onslaught on the NHS as a whole and calls on the health workers and the community to step up the work to defend and safeguard the future of the NHS

Video courtesy of Stuart Monro.

We Are Waltham Forest Petition to Barts Health

We Are Waltham Forest Petition to Barts Health

First published on 11 October 2013

Threats and Cuts. The staple fare being inflicted on NHS workers throughout the country and a real threat to the nations health. “We Are Waltham Forest – Saving Our NHS” are part of the increasingly angry throng determined to fight these attacks. This petition was presented to Barts Health at Nye Bevan House, London.

Video courtesy of Stuart Monro.

Demonstration to defend Whipps Cross and Barts Health Services

Demonstration to defend Whipps Cross and Barts Health Services

First published on 9 October 2013

Major cuts are taking place as Barts Health tries to meet debts from PFI. Whipps Cross hospital has now been absorbed into Barts Health Trust.

This demonstration and rally from Whipps Cross to Walthamstow on September 21st was organised to show the strength of opposition of the workforce to the cuts to services. The rally was also addressed by many representatives from other workplaces.

Video courtesy of Stuart Monro.

Louise Irvine at Manchester rally 29 September 2013

Louise Irvine at Manchester rally 29 September 2013

First published on 30 September 2013

Health workers and many others came in their tens of thousands to Manchester on Sunday to express their anger at and hostility to the anti-people policies of the conservative party. Dr Louise Irvine, chair of the “Save Lewisham Hospital campaign spoke at the concluding Rally

Video courtesy of Stuart Monro.

Dr Louise Irvine: Witness to the People’s Commission of Enquiry

Dr Louise Irvine: Witness to the People’s Commission of Enquiry

First published on 1st July 2013

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign organised a “People’s Commission of Enquiry” on 29th June 2013. The aim was to establish the truth behind the governments plans to undermine the principles underpinning the NHS, with particular reference to the future of Lewisham hospital. The Enquiry was presided over by Michael Mansfield QC.

Video courtesy of Stuart Monro.

Other footage of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign can be found on Stuart’s You Tube channel.